Cuisinart 14-Pc Stainless Steel Set

Comments/Discussion from a previous offer

Time to learn how to use and care for your stainless steel

Stay away from Cuisinart. They do not honor their warranties and make up reasons to deny viable claims.

Spend your money on reputable companies, and help let Cuisinart put itself out of business!

Bought in October to replace a twenty year old non-stick set. Loving this set. Cooking and cleaning are a little different-- but easy enough to learn. Buy yourself a bottle of Bar Keeper’s friend. No hesitation recommending.

I have a very similar set from cuisinart. I must say, I have been trying to master cooking with these skillets for years now and have never managed to use them without either burning something or having huge “sticking” issues. I’m no skilled cook, but I have put in my time on google searching for ideas on how to make it work with no luck. The pots, however, are great for just about anything you throw at them, but as far as skillets go, just go buy a quality nonstick one or two and save yourself the trouble of dealing with these.

Can these be used with an induction stove?


Per the features: Not induction ready

I bought the 12-piece SS set last November and am very pleased with them so far. My only qualm is the handles get very very hot. I was used to my other non-stick Cuisinart pans and never have to use a towel or hot pad with those. I’ve not had any sticking issues, and made a nice 3 egg omelet in the skillet last night for dinner. No sticking if you heat properly and use butter. My omelet slid right out just like using the non-stick. I recommend this set and it is a value at the price.