Cuisinart 14pc Stainless Grill Set w/Case & $20 Coupon

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Cuisinart 14pc Stainless Grill Set w/Case & $20 Coupon
$16.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

Product List:

  • 1 Cuisinart CGS-5014 14pc Stainless Grill Set w/Case & $20 Cpn

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I almost want to buy this for the coupon

Just what I always already have.

n 4 3

heres looking at you, americans in non-temperate zones.

Just perfect for grilling all the meat that you are going to cook with all those knives that have been bought!

$20 coupon with a $17 purchase? Sounds like a deal to me.

At least its not knives??

$20 from Omaha? maybe i can get a couple ‘Refurb’ burgers

Worth the money just for the beyotching corn skewes!

Dammit man, you can’t make corn on the cob holders that don’t look like corn on the cob. It’s sacrilege…

I bought one last week from everything works except the brush, the brush is total garbage

coupon… temmmpppting… steak

Not knives…do not want!

I got one of the sets in last months Random Carp. My set arrived with a bent up case.

At $20 off, I’ll feel slightly less ripped off by “Omaha Meat’s” exorbitant prices. Trust me, regardless of discount they’re making money on the deal.

Is it a gift card or a coupon? If it’s a gc, I say sell it on ebay and get the set for almost nothing.

In for one, a great grilling set by Cuisinart for the buck, the coupon is a bonus. I grill all 4 seasons. :slight_smile: