Cuisinart 1500-watt Nonstick Electric Skillet

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Cuisinart 1500-watt Nonstick Electric Skillet
$44.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: Refurbished

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A respiffed pan? Yum.

Refurbished electrical equipment makes as much sense as refurbed organ transplants.

Just say no.

What would this be good for?

Trying to find a good Wedding Present for my sister, it’s a shame I didn’t pick up the Ice Cream maker.

Huzzah! Dorm approved!

Too late hot plate.

N 4 0.

Yeah, I thought the same thing. Does this have the eggs burnt to it that made the original owner return it?

$126.04 on Amazon with very good reviews - - - but it is new

Damn I want one of these too! Curse my tiny kitchen. My mom has one and these things are insanely useful, especially around the holidays. Besides I’ve never burned a toasted sandwich on one of these. Can’t say the same for the stove.

Not to troll or anything but has the Bottle of Catsup passed, I’ve been AFK for way too long.

edit: I know about the listing page, but I also know that woot is a tricky and mysterious beast…

“Die-cast stainless steel handles with embossed Cuisinart™ logo”

If your cleaver you can get the logo on your pancakes. Cuisinart that’s smart. ~^!^~

At least they spared no expense on the packaging at the refurb miracle factory.

Some things just should not be resold, like mattresses and dishes. Those should be left to sleezy hotels and back alley diners.

Wow- a refurbished pan!

More Cuisinart?! What happened did woot just buy the whole warehouse?

Brand new items go through QC in batches and are approved as batches. Refurbed items are re-worked and approved individually, so you technically have a higher likelihood of getting a well-functioning product by buying refurbs.

“Refurbished” cookware kind of ooooks me out. Pass.

You know that’s about the only thing I think this is good for (or maybe a low-rent studio apartment without a kitchenette). Now, an electric griddle is useful, but an electric skillet is just kind of odd.