Cuisinart 17-Piece Nonstick Cookware Set

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Cuisinart 17-Piece Nonstick Cookware Set
Price: $179.99
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That is NOT the retail price of these. I have the SAME set, bought at Target for $99 markd down from $179ish.
If you overheat these ONCE they are RUINED. If you dont overheat them, the non-stick finish will last about a year. Coated cookware is ridiculous. Stainless, iron, or nothing.

[MOD: There are no Cuisinart sets on the Target site.]

Wanna Learn About Hard Anodized Nonstick? let’s hard anodized and nonstick cookware duke it out to see which one is better.

Cuisinart is NOT at brand available at Target. Cuisinart is not a discount brand of cookware and appliances. Buy with confidence; Cuisinart will stand behind their products.

Mmmmmm… PTFE.

Go stainless - keep one 8" PTFE pan for your eggs, and people you disike.

I believe you may be thinking of Calphalon.

Or, even better, learn to fry an egg without non-stick.

What I found interesting is that I knew how to fry eggs on some copper-base Revereware pans when I was a kid (complete with flip), but non-stick ruined me and I recently had to re-learn on an enameled cast iron when I opted to toss all of my non-stick (well, not all, I still need to replace my non-stick wok).

It’s really not too hard to get a good fried egg or three.

Good pots & pans… I bought a similar set from Groupon last month. But be careful: not recommended for the dishwasher. OTOH, they do hand wash very easily.

You should never put any coated or annodized (or maybe any at all for that matter) pot or pan in the dishwasher. I know it’s easier but you’ll be back here in 6 months telling us how terrible these are because you were too lazy to properly care for your cookware.

Saying stainless or iron only is a bunch of bullshit from someone trying to pretend to know what they’re talking about. I own full sets of all three and they each have their place in the average household. Yes, it’s true that professional kitchens don’t use them. They also do not have two or three kids running between their legs chasing a dog when they’re trying to “correctly” cook food for mouths that won’t like it anyway. Sometimes it’s not about being professional, or learning to fry an egg the “right” way. It’s about getting food on the table and not spending 3 hours to clean the stuck food off of pans that got there because you had to stop your 3 yr old from climbing out the doggy door naked.

If you pay a cheap price for coated cookware you’ll get cheap cookware. This is one of those sets. That goes for stainless and cast iron as well. If you want to be happy with whatever you’re cooking with stop trying to penny pinch and do your research and get a decent, moderately priced set.

I’d buy my next set one piece at a time before I’d waste money on this.

Actually that statement was true. Searching Cuisinart at Target comes back, “We don’t carry this brand or item, but here are similar products…” Both Cuisnart and Calphalon offer high end products, including pots and pans. I personally own Calphalon and cannot comment on these.

I 100% agree. I bit the bullet and finally paid good money for my cookware. After buying cheapo stuff and using it throughout my college years, you can seriously tell the difference! I have the Calphalon Unison set. It’ll last you a long time (crossing my fingers that means for forever), and it’s completely worth it since it’s stuff I use daily. And yes, wash it by hand. There’s just no way around it if you want to protect you and your investment.

I bought what looks like the same set from Amazon in 2008

Still have it and use it very often. I did replace the large frying pan as that one got the most use and started to lose the coating.

Back then I paid $129 but it was a special deal at the time as I recall.

I have contacted woot support three time regarding my order on 12-15-13. I purchased 2 Roku 2 XS. One works, the other did not. Nobody has even replied. I only got the auto replies. What can be done?

[MOD: I’m sorry for the delayed response. I’ll email CS to let them know of your concerns. Thank you for your patience. ]

I got these around 2008. I wash them in the dishwasher and the coating is still in good shape.

I bought the 12-piece equivalent set of these from Woot a month or two ago. The cover photo is identical, actually, and it includes everything in the item list from 8-quart and above.

So far, so good. Heats up fast, cooks well. The instructions suggested that you should cook at slightly lower temperatures because of the cookware’s improved conduction. This sounds like marketing baloney to me but these things DO heat up well.

I bought them to replace a similar set of Members Mark cookware that we have had for nearly 10 years. By comparison, the Cuisinart pans are lighter and thinner. Also, the handles on the lids get hotter. Time will tell if this means the Cuisinart pans are junkier, or really are more efficient at conducting heat.

I bought this exact set from Woot! some time ago. They have performed very well. If I had to make a complaint, it would be that the heavy handles make the two small pans unstable on a gas cooking grate if not positioned well. The non-stick surface is still perfect on every piece. I consider these an excellent buy.

I used to think the same thing, but I’ve learned that you can easily cook eggs in stainless if you preheat the pan, throw in some butter then the egg.
Works awesome.

I really like this set. My husband bought me one for Christmas and then realized he bought three. He immediately hit the “problem” button and told them. We have sent emails, as they do not have a phone number and we still have no reply. My three arrived, what am I supposed to do with three and we cant reach them?