Cuisinart 2-Quart Pure Indulgence Frozen Yogurt-Ice Cream & Sorbet Maker – Red

Time to make bacon ice cream again. I’m tired of making amish style slow churned home made ice cream in a bucket.

I am so tired and feel so snacky I am in for 76

I wish I had room for this…

I wish I had room for this…

Sometimes i ask myself “why?”

great price actually - usually around $60

ready for bed… rx kicking in!!

I have one and its GREAT!! Quickly makes delicious ice cream

these things belong in a wrip-off… not a woot off. Have one and it does not do a very good job.


My husband bought one of these in the last woot-off. It arrived and the very first time he went to make a frozen treat in it for the kids, the blade snapped (almost immediately). He’s supposed to be dealing with the warranty stuff now, never got even one thing out of it :frowning:

$48 at Amazon…I’ll pass on the ice cream, thank ya! unless its flavored with blueberry orange chocolate!!!

Great reviews on Amazon.

ok…I made my contribution to the woot gods. you can find this machine 2 years from now buried in my garage.

Thanks for providing personal experience on this product, I was debating getting.g it. Looks like I will look for one somewhere else.

We had a similar device with the freezer bowl when I was a kid, but you hand cranked the the paddle. It worked rather well. Much better than.the icea nd salt mess of others, but you can’t make make a lot at once, and freezing the bowl took a while. This looks like a good improvement.

I bought one for my daughter and her family - it works great! They’re having a wonderful time making new ice cream combinations.

I don’t know what you people with negative reviews are talking about! At this amazing price, everyone should be in for 3 so they have plenty of spare parts!

You will bury it after one use after drinking semi chilled sugar milk from it.

I got the black color (same model) from Costco two years ago and love it. Works very well to make soft serve or sorbet in about 25 minutes; freeze overnight to get a hard set. My biggest problem is eating all of the delicious creations!