Cuisinart 22" Round Flat Top Gas Grill

Cuisinart 22" Round Flat Top Gas Grill

I bought one of these on WOOT last time and LOVE IT! …And the Amazon price is $269!

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How many people are you cooking for with the 22"? I want one but not sure which size to get.

I’m cooking for 22 people. But we each one inch burgers

It would depend on what exactly you’re cooking. Burgers and dogs for 5? No problem. Fried rice for 8? Not going to happen all at once.

Says it’s discounted from $202.88. Why does Amazon have it listed at $269.99? Unless I’m missing something, it’s the same model number, so what’s the difference?

That’s a list price - a price set by the manufacturer or given to us by our vendor. It’s kinda useless. It’s not the Amazon sale price.

About 5 or 6 people. With the record heat and high cooling bills, I’ve started doing most cooking that I would normally do on my stove on this. BTW, the firepit fabric covers that are available fit this thing perfectly!

Propane is even more expensive and these things drink the stuff!