Cuisinart 3-Piece Cookware Set

**Item: **Cuisinart 3-Piece Cookware Set
Price: $49.99
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Condition: New

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I’ve always wanted some Cuisinart Cookware. It’s one of the things on my “I’ll buy this when I move” list once I have the space for it. That list is getting pretty long.

I love the look of stainless steel.

Check out the warranty over at

Sounds like you’re the expert on this. Why don’t you just come out and tell us the facts, instead of acting like a little baby having a tantrum?

I don’t need another sauce pan, but if this was a multi-set of the non-stick pans I’d be all over it.

As with yesterday’s deal, I’ll again vouch for Cuisinart’s cookware. Excellent quality products.

Where’s the 3rd piece? Oh… right, the lid…

My wife and I got a large set of Cuisinart Chefs Classic cookware 2 years ago when we got married. so far it has all held up very well, no loose handles, no rusting, and all the lids fit properly. If the insides of the pots and pans start looking a bit dull (ours aren’t teflon) some barkeepers friend polishes them up really nicely. Pretty pleased with the set we have.

I am concerned that why the skillet here does not have Cuisine Art signature Ceramica nonstick coating? Is this a overstock?