Cuisinart 3-Piece Cookware Set

**Item: **Cuisinart 3-Piece Cookware Set
Price: $29.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard OR $18 Two-Day OR $21 One-Day
Condition: New

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It’s a Woot-Off!


It’s like the normal rules of math don’t apply to makers of kitchenware. The madness has to stop! Lids don’t count as a “piece”. Pants aren’t sold as “two piece”, each leg counting as one. Neither are cars, or airplanes…or really anything except kitchenware.


I can’t find this model on any site (Amazon or Any ideas? I’m trying to find reviews but none seem to exist…

I picked up this pair of skillets back in June and they’re fantastic. They clean up well and are hands down better than any other non-stick pan I’ve used.

My 18/10 stuff is Tramontina, but sometimes a girl just needs non-stick pans.

If I didn’t know any better I would say this is a three-piece-woot

OK, so let’s get it straight about cookware. the lifetime of one pot = the lifetime of 6 (or maybe 100) skillets. Unless you burn something in the pot. So, everyine owns some cookware. the pots are fine and the pans are wretched. WHY, then, are the sets mixed pots and pans??? Woot, please listen. If you want to offer the three (or four) piece set, the most valuable plan is 1 big skillet and 1 small skillet and 0 pots. Maybe a lid for the big skillet. Or the little skillet. Or both! But don’t force me to buy a cheap singleton skillet at Walleyworld instead of quality skillets here just because you insist on mixing them with pots that no one needs. That is all.

Not sure if your post is a troll or not, but I’ll treat it as if it isn’t because I doubt anyone really cares this late in the woot.

Lids are and should most certainly count as a piece because they are separate items. You can buy pots and pans without lids. Also, more complete kitchen sets sometime have lids that go with multiple pans and/or pots.

Your solution would rely on some unspoken convention, whether a pan comes with a lid or not, and whether a pot should, or not. If this current woot was instead interpreted as a 2 piece set as you suggest, then maybe people would complain they expected the pan to come with a lid but didn’t receive one. If this was a larger set, sometimes a lid is shared across 2 pots and pan. Is that then a 3 piece set that’s missing 2 lids?

Actual count eliminates all this and doesn’t rely on what you or I would consider convention but have different definitions of. You seem to consider pans to not include lids by default. Maybe I don’t.

As to you side example, a pair of pants are a continuous piece of clothing, typically. They usually aren’t 2 separate pieces. The plural and singular form are the same. We use pair to indicate number if needed. Your example doesn’t really seem to be relevant in topic, logic, or application to kitchenware.

Yes, I’m no fun at parties. Actually, I lie, I don’t go, even if I get invited, and I don’t get invited. So in the end, you win. Yay!

Does woot answer back customer concerns? I bought defective slippers last time and its been like 4 or something days and they still haven’t answered me… i want these pots! haha but i don’t want to buy things if theres no customer service.

I’m sorry to hear that you haven’t heard back from Woot Member Services yet. I recommend that you check the spam folder of your email provider as sometimes their responses get filtered there.

If you still haven’t seen a response, please post in a WoW thread and we can forward your post along to them to help get you a resolve.

I have plenty of skillets and pots, so no need for me to buy these, but it might be useful for potential buyers to know if the lid also fits the skillet. I find myself using lids over skillets more often than I do on pots, usually because I’m trying to hold steam in to cook something through a bit faster, like potatoes.

Thank you! ill try and message them again, maybe i screenshot my email somewhere so I can resend the same thing :wink: ill go ahead and buy this anyways. Good deal for someones who’s moving into a new place on her own :slight_smile:

*resent them an email after searching junk folders… nothing. :slight_smile: hope i get a response this time.

Anyone else get a 10" skillet instead of the advertised 11"?

That’s what I got. It’s stamped on the bottom of the pan, so there’s no mistake.

Also the model of the product:
7721-10N3P. Note the 10N3P probably means 10 inch Nonstick 3 piece set. Makes sense, right? So Woot has advertised this as an 11" skillet and sent us all 10".


I already have a 9" skillet, so I’m a little annoyed, but I’d like to keep this set as well. Maybe woot can throw us a bone on this one?

I sent a message to customer support asking for some help and all I got was a canned response with an RMA. They must have a modified roomba running their customer support these days…