Cuisinart 3 Piece Folding Grilling Tool Set

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Cuisinart 3 Piece Folding Grilling Tool Set
$11.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

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oooh, its like a swiss army spatula!

fucking site is crashing all over the place!

Really? Folding grill tools? Strange…

…aaaand we’re back!

I don’t care about the item… All this crashing makes this the Worst.WootOff.Ever

I don’t mind a crash when we get a BOC… but seriously… after every item???

I’m having all sorts of problems with the main Woot site today, and the B O C is no where near, so what’s going on?

Hey, Woot - you might sell more stuff if you’d let us connect every now and then…

damn, i needed those cables

i’ll be happy when this site stops crashing

My current grill set will fold… but it’ll never be the same once I try to unfold it.

seriously? this is what brought the servers down?

CRASH - CRASH - CRASH!!! I’m pulling the plug. This is rediculous

This is infuriating!!! This is the first time I have been able to get back to the woot site since the Smoke Detectors. Who are these people who can still access the site to buy all the items that came and went since then?? I want to know their secret!!

Just plain dumb!

Wow…the comment page came up this time without an error, FTW!

Dear Woot,

You seem to be very bad at servers today, I hope you get better and stop failing soon.


I blame Amazon…

By the time I got everything unfolded and locked, the steak would be ruined.

Everyone knows, the longer you hold steak near a fire, the worse it gets.

Cold in the center + Perfection.