Cuisinart 3 Piece Folding Grilling Tool Set

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Cuisinart 3 Piece Folding Grilling Tool Set
$11.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

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Do they fit…in your pocket?

Well, dang, I just spent $10 on a new, decidedly crappier grill brush alone. That’ll learn me.

I don’t understand the folding…

Normally $34.99, not bad.

But $14.99 at amazon.

My! Where did you get that wonderful spatula?

They look nice and sturdy, but am wondering why I would want my utensils to fold?

Look the Switchblade BBQ set!

Great for anyone who BBQ’s ~ Great price. Both my husband and brother love theirs.

These were $14.99 on sellout.woot just a few days ago.

Everyone buy 3 just to get this moving. I’m not going to, but I expect all of you to do so!

Lunch time!

comment removed due to my sheer stupidity

Bought this set a few woot offs ago. Good deal for sure!

I have a set of BBQ spatulas and such, they’re impossible to put away in a normal sized cabinet or drawer.

+1… my thoughts exactly

guy whips out switchblade

Grizzled Aussie actor says,

“That’s not a knife…This is a knife err I mean spatula. Crikey!”

I’d get these if I had a grill. How 'bout getting us a good deal on a gas grill, Woot? Assuming it’s a decent size, I’d almost certainly be down for one.

Is that a spatula in your pocket, or are you just happy to see me?