Cuisinart 3 Piece Folding Grilling Tool Set

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Cuisinart 3 Piece Folding Grilling Tool Set
$11.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

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Accessory for your Dirt Seasoning.

Maybe a cow will be next…

And here I thought those combs in knife casings were excessive.

Ya know… never once have I wished my grilling tools could fold.

Folding! Nice!

Fit in kitchen drawers much more easily. Mine are too big for most of my drawers, have to hang them on a wall in the garage.

But really, why do they need to FOLD?

Just because they can?

Oh yea, so I can put them in my pocket, right.

Not many wooters today.

I did…when the new stuff I got at Christmas didn’t fit in the drawer.

Great for tailgaters trying to fit their tools into the smallest space possible.

Better deal than 1 week ago.

Got a set last time. They are nice. Folding a plus for travel trailers but they are fairly heavy.

Folding grill tools are GREAT for camping, where space is a premium. Unless, of course, you’re camping IN space, where space is infinite.

Folding? Why?

Now if these were switch-blade, it would be cool to take it to your next gang war (a la West Side Story).

My neighbor has these. They do their job. One gripe I have with them is that they do not lock into the closed position, only in the open position.

I wonder if the cow will be a refurb.

I can picture it now: a musical grilling rumble!

Summers over this is so last season.

How can you not buy these and carry them around awaiting Bobby Flay to challenge you to a throw-down? Count me in!