Cuisinart 3 Piece Folding Grilling Tool Set

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Cuisinart 3 Piece Folding Grilling Tool Set
$11.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

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OMG, lookout! He’s got a switchfork!

wtf … replace the juiceyness destroyer (fork) with a tongs and you got something. Come on Woot! Get with the program! EVERYONE knows not to pierce meat when you’re grilling it.

This is just sad.

Can I root these and change to the newest Android system so they really work like they are supposed to?

Some more info on this Good deal.

my concern with these would be applying pressure on them are they just going to fold back up?

I got some of these on a previous WOOT. They are great!

Easy locking mechanism secures position when extended or folded

There are 4 reviews on google about it and they all give it 5 stars.

I must be one stupid warthog. I am in for 3. One to keep TWO to share. -wagging tail-

Perfect for backpacking.

Ummm, My grill cooks more things than just meat. Let me see… there are Veggies, potatoes, corn and so on.

Polka wood. Who knew?

Did that $20 coupon for Omaha Steaks come with it that you can see on the package in the picture?

Not dishwasher safe, I’ll wager…

$23.88 at Sam’s Club. This is a good deal.

this is actually really high quality. I just used it last night with tome flank steaks on the grill.

Previous sellout.woot deal was $14.99 & $5 shipping.

Woot-off deal was same price as this deal, but has less introspective comments than the sellout.woot blog.

Great set. I ordered two sets last time they were offered. They are heavy duty, and great to use.