Cuisinart 4 Piece Grill Set with $20 Omaha Steaks Gift Certificate

off to check to see if omaha steaks has a minimum purchase


That is one awesome toothbrush for getting teh steak out of my teeth post-noshing!

(Yes, I know it’s not really a toothbrush.)

I know the gift certificate makes it out to seem like you’re only paying 8 bucks for the utensils. However, Omaha steaks are ridiculously overpriced for what they offer.

many/most items are $49-$59 minimum purchase. still a good offer for those who grill or shop the site regularly

Im vegan :stuck_out_tongue:

product website

I work as a grill master at a restaurant. Take it from me - these look like a POS.

what can you buy at Omaha Steaks for $20? A single hamburger patty perhaps?

I’m sorry.
Veggies are good grilled too ya know? I’m sure you can sell off the steak coupon to somebody.

Does anyone know if the $20 Omaha Steaks certificate can be used in any of their brick-and-mortar stores, or if this is only good online? They often have great “bundle deals” $150 SRP for $50.

Can they be combined on the same order?

I guess the Omaha Steaks gift certificate could be worth it if you buy one of those American Celebration grilling sets with, like, 8 steaks, 10 burgers, etc etc.

They go for $55 when on sale, and the $20 will cover shipping I guess.

Omaha Desserts

And just grill some portabella mushrooms instead.

Shipping costs from Omaha Steaks are as follows:

Merchandise Subtotal : Add
Up to $39.99 : $13.99
Up to $79.99 : $16.99
Up to $129.99 : $19.99
Over $129.99 : $21.99

Is there an experation date on the coupon?

Under California law, gift certificates do not expire. If I ever find a girlfriend, I’ll have somewhere cheap to go!

i know the brush head is dishwasher safe, but are the tools themselves dishwasher safe?

I agree with the grill master… only question is, does the $20 gift certificate make this deal worth while?

Not so much an issue for those of us who live in Omaha. :slight_smile: Of course those of us who live in Omaha just get our steaks at local meat markets for a lot less than “Omaha Steaks” - and just as good or better.