Cuisinart 4 Qt. Square Slow Cooker

I do not see any model #'s listed. The 4 Qt Cuisinart cooker looks a lot like the 6.5 Qt model on Cuisinart’s site. Is the title incorrect the picture incorrect, or is this a model not listed on their site? Or am I missing something?

Same question as previous comment. Picture seems for 6qt model. Clarification needed!

Hi there. Checking with the team.

UPDATE: I’m told that it was an exclusive. It’s a 4qt using the same design as the 6qt model.

I found it on Amazon.

The PN appeared to be PSC-400. If you search this No. on Cuisinart site, only replacement parts show up. I’m contemplating between this and 3.5q model (though that one is refurb)…