Cuisinart 4-Slice Toaster - Black



Deal is not even warm. I can get better pricing at local Bed Bath & Beyond with a 20% off coupon (they send 1-2 out every week)…and gives me freedom to buy get it tomorrow and return it if i do not like it.

Woot needs to do much better!


I have been in the market for a 4-slice toaster recently (I have tabs up right now for comparisons), but this pricing is a bit more than I intended to spend. So close Woot, so close.

They have this same toaster in white on Amazon for 46.48 plus free standard shipping. Not enough of a difference to make this a great deal for me.


We have owned one of these for a few years and it’s a great toaster. However, as mentioned in a previous post, the price is not great. A quick google search yielded a number of 40 dollar offerings and Amazon has it at 46 with free shipping all day long. Still, I guess this beats it by a buck.


Wait… people buy $40 toasters??

wait, this toaster was originally valued at $90?? I’d love to see where this is listed anywhere on the net at $90…lol

man, woot, what have you become?


Did everyone have a good holiday break? I know I did. Anyways Zappos has a quick video on the white version of this toaster. Check it out!


Are the rumors true? do you people actually miss me?

Edit: I might also add, I have the older brother woot sold a few while back, pretty much the same thing but metallic. It was a refurb and has been making toast/bagels without a problem for over half a year now.


The GM and a couple people in the Home group asked about you at their meeting last week. Truth.


Uhm, Tell them I’m protesting the Anvil blanks… or something neat like that. While I do miss AA blanks, I have been meaning to come back more, even told myself I’d be posting on a few days a week this last week. That fell through when I got insanely busy, and I didn’t even realize we had a random shirt sale until saturday :tongue:


Obviously, you’ve never heard of Dualit Toasters. Try $340 to toast your buns & breakfast breads! They make toasters in cute colors, but jeez.


Went to the link you provided and the price is 49.99. Well here is the math using your coupon discount. 49.99 X 80% = 39.99(2). That is not less, it is the same. But you do mention in store pickup. I have never seen a Bed Bath & Beyond so my guess is other people live where there is not one also. So, to make a fair comparison for me, I have to add shipping and see how it shakes out.

Woot = $39.99 + $5 (S&H) = $44.99 total cash out of my pocket.

Bed Bath & Beyond = $39.99 + $7.99 (S&H) = $47.98 total cash out of my pocket.

The difference when buying on line is $2.99. Not a great amount of money at all but still, price advantage does go to WOOT. Now, take away the 20% for poor slobs like me that don’t have or even know how to get the coupon and we are paying, $57.98 or, $12.99 more out of pocket and that is a big deal.

After it was pointed out to me and after closer review it seems the toaster that is being talked about from BBB is not even the same and in fact a lesser model So, my numbers above are indeed not accurate because with Woot offering a better model the Woot deal wins hands down.!


To top it off, for $5 more, you can get the newer, prettier (relative) model.


On what planet was this toaster EVER $90? I got the same one three months ago at Bed, Bath & Beyond for $32. Sure, it makes some pretty toasty toast, but I just can’t envision anyone ever shelling out more than that for this box of plastic. This is not a deal. Come on, Woot.


I have owned this toaster. It sucks. Never makes even toast always burning no matter how low I set it. Tossed it and got a black and decker and now I have perfect toast all the time:)


We just remodeled our kitchen with black appliances, and our white toaster stuck out like a sore thumb. My wife and I were just talking about getting a new one earlier in the afternoon! Woot, you always read our minds!


I just bought this same toaster a couple months ago. $50 with free Prime shipping from the mother ship. Toaster works good. It appears to be almost impossible to find a toaster that works consistently anyway, so spending much more seems like a waste.

I’ve also had 2 toasters catch on fire in my life, so Sgt. Safety reminds everybody to be careful and not put anything in or near these that may catch on fire.


$90 is a flat out lie. I bought that toaster two years ago for $50 at BB&B and it’s still the same price now.

Plus, the toaster isn’t all that great. Anyone paying $90, that keep it, isn’t all that bright. It’s a basic unit at best.

If I had to say anything good about it…it’s consistant and it at least works on normal sized stuff. Thick stuff…not so much.


BB&B = $43.09 (with tax)
Woot = $44.99

So yeah, BB&B is cheaper. BB&B has actual stores so it’s quit possible the average person can go pick it up even if you cannot.

Go to the website and sign up. You get a 20% coupon instantly. You’re welcome.


Reality is he was saying actually GO OUT to the store and buy it. However, the toaster at the link provided isn’t even the same toaster. It’s similar but it is most definitely NOT the same one.


Thank you but you must of missed the part about no BBB in my area so, I have to pay the shipping if I buy from BBB. So the math for me and others that do not have a local store means we don’t get a better deal. But I could see where you would if you had compared apples to apples which you did not. The Toaster at BBB is a lesser and smaller model without LED readout. You very well may have paid less because you were buying less!

You, are also, welcome.


And that works for those that have a local BBB to go to. Many included myself do not. Didn’t notice the difference. I just used the link that was offered up. Good eye! :slight_smile:

Certainly thanks from me and I am sure from others that would not have noticed the model being compared from BBB was not even a head to head match with what Woot is offering. I hate it for the other one because I have done the exact same thing and put up a link and argument to a product that was not the same. It is embarrassing as heck. I’m just real happy this time it is not me. :slight_smile:

Like I said I have done it more than once but, when I did and found out, I came back and posted a correction on my original post that had erroneous info on it and I also stated I was sorry for the mistake. Let’s see if JEmlay does that now that his/her error has been pointed out.