Cuisinart™ 5.5 Quart 12-Speed Stand Mixer

Just bought a KitchenAid 5.5 stand mixer yesterday. Does anyone that has used the Cuisinart and the KitchenAid see any differences?

Additional thoughts: This mixer doesn’t look as modern as my KitchenAid. It looks more clunky, and the place for attachments seems hard to clean.

Checkout the Amazon reviews on it. There are quite a few people on there that had a Kitchen Aid previously and actually say this mixer is way better. Sure got me excited…especially for the price!!! :slight_smile:

I’ve seen these at Fry’s and they appear to be really well made. I, however, bought an old, beat up, but perfectly working KitchenAid from Craigslist for $25, which I eventually sold for $50(on Craigslist to a Swiss guy that happened to look exactly like Roger Federer.) Before selling that one, though, I bought a brand new, blue, complete KitchenAid from Craigstlist for $60!

I haven’t used either, but this one was more expensive than KitchenAid at Bed Bath and Beyond when I was pricing them last Sunday.

** Sometimes I think WOOT! follows me when I’m shopping to see what I need.

Come on Woot, I’ve come to expect more from you:( Best buy has this same refurb for 164.99.
Looks like a pretty nice mixer though(although not as nice as my wifes KitchenAid, but hey;))

Cuisinart 5.5 Quart Stand Mixer

If my mother knew what Woot was, I’m sure she would log on and say how she has an older version of one of these and really loves it and uses it often.

I was watching Cook’s Country from America’s Test Kitchen on PBS last night, and they had a comparison of inexpensive (under $200) stand mixers. The Cuisinart was not a part of the test (because it retails for $350), but they consider it their reference mixer, and is the one they use in the test kitchens.

wow, just finished whisking a cake by hand. literally just put it in the oven…

so is the bowl a re.furb too? it certainly looks like it’s taken a beating. don’t mind the refurbed machine, but the bowl is kind of gross. maybe it’s just me.

sleeping on it…

Perhaps the Best Buy offer doesn’t include some accessories, like the splash guard? Regardless, this is still a good deal but not a great deal, considering I’d have to pay ~9.5% tax at Best Buy which would bring the total up to ~$180.

Hoping my wife doesn’t check woot! today… or I might be buying a mixer…

product website

Review at howstuffworks

Test Freaks


Sorry nightghost… you gotta share some of those quality posts! :slight_smile:

YouTube review

demo video


Can’t wait to read all the future comments. I’m interested in seeing all the opinions and comparisons of the two products. I’ve been wanting one for a while.

Ironic - I wait until 12:42 and you beat me by seconds. :meh:


recipe booklet

Comparisons? It’s the same item in 2 different colors.

Product Manual says that brand new ones get a 3 year warranty (like most other Cuisinart products). This one only gets a 90 day warranty. I can’t imagine that there are any user-replacable parts on these things, so that might be something to consider?

Though, someone did say on another site that these have metal gears and don’t have the same problems that Kitchenaid mixers with plastic gears have…

Well I bought one. I had been considering this mixer for a while. Big selling point for me was that it is 800 watts and all electronic speed control vs the 275 to 450 watt KitchenAids. I own two other refurb Cuisinart products and both arrived in perfect condition.

no kidding! i was shocked that no one had posted the obvious by quarter to 1…