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Ha - beat all you wooters! Sorry for the delay in the product launch this morning. Some sort of a database error that caused every product to launch - except for the correct one. We even managed to have an entire woot-off with nothing but sold out products. Now buy a blender and go to bed. Happy wooting and in the spirit of woot :

[size=18:c9761ad17c]$50 Robosapien

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[color=red:c9761ad17c][size=18:c9761ad17c]Woot sucks! I worked all night for this?[/size:c9761ad17c][/color]


1st post?

Nope second. Good job D.


First? What’s going on?


No thanks.


Yay 1st time on 1st page. Hmm, at 2 am i really don’t feel like gettin this, but Christmas is getting close…good present for in-laws. I’ll give it a brief consideration if it’s still up later.


Anyone know what’s been happening for the past 55 minutes?




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Cuisinart 5 speed Blender/ Food Processor
Blend your favorite beverage or process some food.
$29.99 + $5 Shipping and Handling
In the tradition of Cuisinart, the SmartPower Duet features the finest in innovation, quality and performance. Designed and tested in Cuisinart’s own laboratories and kitchens to do double duty, the Duet performs the tasks of both premium blender and legendary food processor.

It’s a Blender! Easy to use press-on cover. No turning and twisting, just press on. 40 oz. glass jar with dripless pour spout. High quality stainless steel blades are strong enough for all blender tasks. Powerful motor and 5-Speed touchpad control with indicator. Easy to clean, read and operate. Crushes ice at any speed. Preselected speed just for ice crushing. Pulse at any speed, from low to high. Innovative Italian Design.

It’s a Food Processor! Chops raw and cooked foods, including meats to any consistency. Reversible slicing/shredding disc. Collar works with motor base to provide power at the correct speed for slicing, shredding or chopping. Work bowl holds 3 cups of shredding or sliced ingredients. Cover comes with feed tube and pusher with liquid dispenser. Touchpad control guarantees perfect speed control for all your food processing tasks.

Specifications: Electronic touchpad controls with indicator light

Five speeds: includes food processor and ice crush buttons

Three-cup work bowl

Reversible slicing/shredding disc

Stainless steel food processor blade

Stainless steel blender blades

Powerful motor base

40 oz. glass blender jar with dripless pour spout

Cover with feed tube and pusher

Exclusive All-Metal Drive for extra durability

350 watts of ice crushing power for smooth frozen drinks

All parts top shelf dishwasher safe except Food Processor gear box collar and motor base

Instruction and recipe book included

Model FPB-5PC (5 speed model)

Recertified and factory sealed by Cuisinart (looked new to woot)

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heh, i got one. i want to make hummus.


Woot sure seemed to be MIXED UP there for a while!
Get it? Because there were problems with the item, and a blender can…mix…stuff…
goes back to corner


Snapster got into the acid again. :twisted:

Dang, I was all excited about a Woot-Off, too.


they were putting up old items that were already sold out… and even gave us a fake woot off of sold out items. :frowning:


sorry about that folks… technical difficulties…
move along…

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i missed this one last time and am glad to have waited the extra hour. this one will sell out for sure. great woot!


first page
$50 robosapien like all the other nerds :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:


I awoke to the sound of my brother yelling “Woot-Off” so I got on my computer to find this. Whats up woot?


Hmm, no safety interlock like normal food processor. Guess you can make humans too.


They don’t do daylight savings I presume.



First Page! Woot went through the BLENDER.