Cuisinart 6-Piece Bakeware Set



Seeing as most recipes for muffins makes about 24, I’m really appalled this offer only comes with ONE 12-muffin pan.


I was more appalled that they are apparently baking donuts. Chacun son goût, I suppose.


Who wants to go halfsies? I get the muffin pan, the half-sheet and the square cake pan. All right.


I have two wilton donut pans that produce delicious baked donuts, but I don’t see how you could make donuts in a round cake pan.


Counter-offer: We each get one of these deals and cross-ship what we don’t [need|want] to the other (via USPS “Flat-Rate Priority Mail”).

End result: You and I both get a muffin pan, a 9" square pan and a 15×10½×1" baking Sheet.

I end-up with 4 (Four) 9" round cake pans.

You end-up with 2 (Two) Half-Sheet pans.

My (possibly addled) mind assures me that this is a fair offer.

Best regards,

P.S. - I’ve already ordered my half, and it’s not a problem if you don’t want to do the “Snail-Mail” exchange.

(robcrowe at gmail dot com)


This could turn out like Sleepless In Seattle!!!


Is this really worth $162.99?


This configuration is a good starting point for bakeware. For the person without a Kitchenaid mixer (non-serious chef I mean), the pans in this set should let you bake cookies, a cake, and any number of frozen items requiring baking.

Most boxed muffin mixes make 12 muffins (again, this set is ideal for those of us who would make a boxed muffin mix). And my favorite application of a muffin pan is to make a dozen perfectly chewy-inside-crispy-outside chocolate chip cookies at a time.

I paid at least $40 for a smaller baking set at Macy’s a few years back - just their house brand, not Cuisinart. I have no idea about the quality, but if I wasn’t set for bakeware, I’d be in for one.


I really need some round cake pans, but not sure if I should get the whole set.

Does anyone know why the square pan is dark while the others aren’t?


Wow this is a great deal…these are the best and the only brand I’ll buy!!! Heavy duty, nonstick, and easy clean in the dishwasher… getting 2… Thanks Woot!!! Now how about offering the cookie sheets?


I really need to replace my bake ware. I mean, REALLY need to. Desperation. I just don’t know what to purchase. Baking, broiling, roasting, you get the idea. Then again, baking isn’t done much in my house…

Any assistance would be appreciated from REAL users of said bake ware, not some league of paid reviewers.

At this point, money is less of an object (did I say that?). I’ll look for your comments - thanks in advance.

Thanks, too, for those who have said Cuisinart is good stuff. And I do have a Kitchen Aid!!



Yeah…I really want someone to post that they payed $162 for these…

Woot…I think you are exagerating just a little here…

I got a house that I think is worth a million but could I get that…Not these days…


Anyone else lose their shipping and payment info on their account?

Btw… I’m an actual user… That was a snarky comment!


As someone who bakes quite a bit I can assure you you do not want to bake cookies on a sheet with a lip, especially one that high.


On the Cuisinart website the total would come up to $83.70


Protip: cut the recipe in half


It’s a good deal for the set, but all I would like are the cake pans and perhaps the 17" baking sheet. I agree that one would never bake regular cookies on the baking sheets. Those are good for bar cookies and thin brownies. What you are looking for in bakeware sets, is just what this has - heavy-gauge aluminized steel and thick rolled edges. Great starter set.


Not even close. Price each item separately on Amazon. I came up with $85. Whoever came up with $162.99 is full o’ that stuff they fill bags with.


There are times when I honestly believe Woot reads my mind or tracks my daily actions. I seriously just threw all of my cookie sheets and or extremely old hand-me-down pans last night. Thank you Woot for being the most awesome creeper, stalkerish, most clingy awesome whatever it is that you are. In for one FTW :slight_smile: