Cuisinart 6-Piece Skillet Set

**Item: **Cuisinart 6-Piece Skillet Set
Price: $69.99
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Condition: New

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My wife got upset and threw our last 12" skillet on the floor, bent the crap out of it. Looks like a great replacement. Thanks, woot!

Didn’t see this elsewhere but Amazon does have it separately without lids with comments:

Here are some pretty good reviews for part of the set

Anyone have a review discussing use on electric stoves?

And now she’ll have extra ammunition… Duck and cover, dude! :wink:

These pans are great. I have similar ones from here:
They are amazing. The nonstick surface doesn’t let ANYTHING stick to it, I’ve had mine for about a year and they all look brand new, have accidentally left stuff sitting in them for a few days and it peels off no problem.

I purchased the 14 pc set that included these pans. My wife and I are very pleased. They have some heft to them and cook very evenly. The non-stick coat is as good or better than any other non-stick pan I have ever used. So far they are holding up excellently however, I do hand wash. However, hand washing with these is VERY easy as even burnt on food cleans away easily. I do not use utensils that would scratch the finish and while I do stack for storage I am very gentle when placing and or removing them from each other.

As to the question asked by one about use on electric stoves that is what we have. I hate it but that is another story all together as I much prefer gas. Per instructions I have not gone much over medium high on my settings but that is still enough heat to bring things to a boil. Yes, I would buy this product again and I think they are worth the price being asked.

The 14 pc set sold here on Woot on Feb., 27 @ $139.99 (plus $5 shipping) and there were 57 comments that you may want to look at from that sale.

Is this PTFE and PFOA free?

Thank you, I’m ordering them. :).

Are these oven safe?

I don’t use stove top pots, pans or anything else in the oven. They’re meant for the stove top, not the oven in my opinion. I have a gas 6 burner stove top and an electric double oven. They’re like apples and oranges and each have their own utensils.

Here is a Cuisinart Cookware Comparison list on the Cuisinart homepage.

It appears that the only line of PTFE and PFOA free products are their Green Gourmet® cookware.

Well there are many cooking techniques that involve searing something in the pan and finishing it by putting it in the oven. So I think it’s a fair question. Many pans list the temperature that you can safely use them in the oven as well.

I have these as part of a larger set. They are OK, buy my Calphalon skillets are much better.