Cuisinart 7 Qt Casserole - Grey

In my opinion, and that of America’s Test Kitchen (ATK), this piece gives the best bang for the buck. ATK’s equipment reviews are highly touted in the industry and their review says this pot performs nearly as well as the French winner, though even at full list price, it is less than half of that of their winner. At this price it’s pretty much a no-brainer. I’ve had mine for over 10 years and use it almost weekly for making “no-knead” bread, as well as other things. If you’re familiar with no-knead bread you know you need to bring the pot up to 500 degrees. As mentioned, I use mine regularly for this and, with the exception of some almost imperceptible staining inside, mine looks as good as the day I bought it. This is a great pot at a great price.

In my opinion, I wouldn’t trust any seller being this dishonest about the “list price” and “percentage discount.” The “list” prices quoted are two to three times the amounts listed on the official Cuisinart website. What else are they lying about?

I think you’re right. Furthermore, there is a Tramontina 6.5 quart Dutch Oven on the Sam’s Club web site for 39.95 and free shipping.

Exactly right. Now that amazon owns Woot, I see stuff like - was “1,000,000,000” now “9.99” - all the time since sellers can lie about these prices because there’s no policing done. The only thing we can do is just search elsewhere to make sure we are getting a good deal, and I think most of us are doing that. But when I look up an item that’s on woot, it’s always cheaper than what is shown as the original price here on woot. It’s usually only a few bucks more than the sale price here; sometimes not even enough for me to purchase it from woot.

Cook’s Illustrated’s Dec. 2016 review of Dutch Ovens states the price for the Cuisinart 7 Qt. Round as being $121.94. They compare it to the winner, the LeCruset 7-1/4 Qt. at $359.99. The Cuisinart is Highly Recommended and a Best Buy. Amazon has one at $92. My tri-ply cookware is Tramontina which I bought when Cook’s Illustrated rated it a Good Buy compared to All-Clad. But to anyone interested in Cook’s Illustrated’s Best Buy Enameled Cast Iron Dutch Oven, $64.99 is a great price for smart buyers. You can buy another brand not as well rated for less or you can spend $121.94 or $92 if you prefer, to each their own. But, as I said before, no matter how you look at it this is a good deal on a great pot, as stated by experts and people you can trust. So anyone purchasing this pot can feel comfortable they’ve done good!

Amazon has the same list price.

List price is like a dealer tag on a car. It’s what they want you to pay but know you won’t. List is what the manufacturer thinks the item is worth.

As Woot is owned by Amazon, I wish them both luck with that practice. . .

Who cares what list is? … unless you plan on paying it! All most folks care about is how much does it “cost” to buy from one seller vs. another. I think most people don’t even pay attention to it because it’s meaningless/arbitrary.

I care. . .when it is used as a blatant fraudulent enticement to get people to buy a product.

As a side note, I happened to be in the market for a product such as this but opted to go with a Lodge dutch oven that arrived today from a seller who didn’t feel the need to lie to get me to buy their product.