Cuisinart™ 7-Quart 12 Speed Stand Mixer

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For this kind of money, you should check out Kitchenaid. I can’t imagine owning any other brand.

any one have one of these? the Kitchenaid has a little spout for attachments like a meat grinder, pasta roller etc.

Where are we on attachments for this thing? can it accommodate any?

Does this have that external port where you can add all sorts of fantastical devices, like a meat grinder and sausage maker? I think they even make a pasta maker one.

They sure do. You can spend on attachments more than what you will spend here on this puppy

See the additional photos. I think that port’s right on the front end.

I recently got a refurb 5.5 quart version of the cuisinart stand mixer from sellout.woot. I was super excited when it got to my house. I was going to make cookies but when i tried to turn it on all it did was smell bad. Not so much burning motor bad as burning circuit board bad. So much for a quality refurb. Still have to contact cuisinart to see if they stand behind their product and will let me return it for a working one.

4 stars at Amazon


So do these also have their serial numbers filed off so Cuisinart won’t actually honor the supposed 90 day warranty?

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It’s only $20 more at Best Buy where you can get it shipped to a store near you for free. You then only have to pay sales tax and if it doesn’t work like cheeseandbeer’s you are able to return it…

Best Buy

Actually, I think this one on Amazon is similar/the same? to what this item is, AND it is cheaper:

EDIT: My bad, only 5 qt.

Cuisinart video

I would love to purchase this, but considering woot is filing the serial numbers off… HECK NO… RUN away everyone as woot has out their magic file to negate the 90 day warranty… EEEEEEKKKK!!!

CLICK CLICK… BANG! Another Wootastrophe!!!

Run to the hills and wait for a Kenmore branded cookie muncher!

Most recent reviews, including Cook’s Illustrated, prefer the Cuisinart to the KitchenAid.

mrsruvi and CaptainWes: Come on now. The front page links to the Cuisinart site’s page of attachments and accessories…

Here’s the manual

7 quarts would be awesome, but if there are issues with serial numbers being scratched off and they aren’t offering an option for a SquareTrade warranty with this - no thanks. I don’t have that kind of money to throw around, even if I’m in need of a new, bigger mixer.

The SquareTrade Extended Warranty has been added. Sorry for the omission.

That is not true. I added one to the cart and the total (after tax and shipping) was $238