Cuisinart 8 Pc. Roaster with Essential Tools

That’s a decent set. I have just the pan and I like it.

Comments from a previous offer

And 10 bucks cheaper!
I’m in.

Whatcha gonna roast woncoolone?

I bought one of these on the last sale when it was also at $29.00 + $5 shipping…Great Deal.

You’d never find so much stuff for $34.00 total anywhere else. I have yet to use the pan but we have some other pans from Cuisinart and have not encountered any such thing as “Teflon Flaking”. The other items are all “pretty good quality”. I am quite please with the deal.

No lid?

Roasting pans typically do not have lids.

I bought this pan and rack locally and the non-stick coating started pealing off after just one use. After two uses it is much worse and the pan is starting to rust where the coating is gone. I wrote to Cuisinart but have had no answer. Buyer beware!

@j1mar1 that is exactly the discouraging information that we need. Seriously – I wish this forum had a thumbs-up thinger. Thanks for saving me the money!

How do you know it is the same pan? Is there a model or manufacturer number that we could compair?

I am disappointed, woot! Amazon has this set and gives its list price as $71, not $150.

I have a similar pan and the nonstick coating started to rub off where the rack rests on the bottom. Not surprising with a 16# turkey on top.