Cuisinart 9-Cup Food Processor -2 Colors

But my kitchen’s red! Red!

Well that nips that impulse buy in the bud.


Woot, Cuisinart’s web page for this model indicate:
Limited 10-year motor warranty
Limited 3-year warranty

In the woot! product description it says Warranty: Limited Lifetime Cuisinart

Can you verify which warranty is correct?

I bought one at Costco for 109.99 the weekend of black Friday. Same configuration but in platinum color.

It works fantastic! I use it all the time and it makes my prep SO much easier!

Not sure about the price on here being a deal but… YMMY.

Looking around, it looks like you’re right and that the warranty should be the 10 / 3.

I’m emailing in so we can get it verified but it will be business hours tomorrow to make the phone calls.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

The blue one will be perfect for whipping up a nice big batch of Mana Potion.

Does it have speed settings? From what I can see it’s just on off. Perhaps it doesn’t NEED settings, it just processes…

Yesterday there was an 11 cup white Cuisinart Food Processor for $90 so you might be able to do better price wise. The purple’s awful pretty though.

Here’s the manual. It’s for the silver one but it should be about the same, I figure.

Food processors generally don’t have speed settings. In fact, my ideal food processor would have two paddles and be analog. “On” and “Pulse”. I don’t like the buttons.

However, I have a KitchenAid one with the buttons (same as this), and it works just fine. Don’t know about the CuisinArt, but I’ve heard great things.

This is also almost certainly made in China, as is pretty much any food processor under $500.

The size, 9-cup, should be adequate for just about everything.

If only I hadn’t purchased a food processor just recently (Keep in mind that WITH a hefty discount, I got a comparable model for about 100. This IS a good deal, IMO, even when you consider the “109” price. That was from Black Friday, good luck finding that price again)

It has the standard ON, PULSE (on while pressing) and OFF buttons for food processors. You may be thinking of blenders having multiple speed settings (though even some of those are ON or OFF).

This may not be the best price in the world, but from my very recent research, the Cuisinart’s are just about the best mainstream brand right now.

The wife broke her 20+ year old machine at thanksgiving, so I decided to replace it for a Christmas present. I ended up getting a very good deal on a 12 cup “elite” model from another vendor, but still more than this item.

Had I just trusted Woot, I would have saved some money, the wife would have been just as happy, if not happier, as she loves purple. But hey it was a Christmas present, I just couldn’t gamble on that one!

That’ll teach me won’t it?

Anyway, from a recent shopper (chopper?), I’d be all over this if I hadn’t just bought one.

I’ve had this same model (in chrome) for about two years now. I use it heavily (as in making peanut butter about once a week). I’ve been convinced that the load would break the machine, but it works as good today as it did the day I got it. I highly recommend. I bought it for $120 on sale, and it was worth every penny.

It’s either on or off (not variable speed), but there is a “pulse” option.

To put things in perspective, I also have a VitaMix (~$500), and I use the Cusinart more often.

One downside - the notches on the container that secure the lid are hard to clean if you get peanut butter (or similar consistency food) in them. But I’ve managed to be a little proactive, and I’m fine.

Would highly recommend, even at this price.

Same here!!! And I was already considering money changes…

RED, Woot! I need this in RED!!!

At SAM’s they have the same model for 99.89 but unsure of the pretty colors.

“Model: DLC-2009 Item #: 665684” 9 cup.

Keep in mind a 10% surcharge for non members(so its $110) and I believe its for in store pick up only… and then there is tax… so on second thought, for the people who don’t regularly shop at SAM’s this is the better deal. If you are a member and go to SAM’s or its on your way somewhere, the SAM’s Club may inch out this deal.

In terms of color, no brushed steel or chrome? Have to match the other appliances!

The one from Costco was $110, but was an 11 cup processor and included a blade and disc holder. I know because it’s sitting in my office waiting for me to wrap it.

I remember when my husband got me a crock pot for Christmas. It was 10 years before I took it out of the box.

Why? Because a kitchen appliance is something you bring home on a random Tuesday. For the kitchen. With the explanation that the old one broke so you’re replacing it. Because that is the practical thing to do.

Nothing says “get back in the kitchen” like a new cooking tool.

After I got that crock pot for Christmas, I went shopping and got my own Christmas present. And I liked it. And I still have it. And I still wear it. And I still remind him that appliances aren’t Christmas presents.

I completely understand, and appreciate your thinking! However, I’m sure you’ve heard the old saying: “different strokes for different folks”. My wonderful wife ASKED for a replacement as a Christmas gift, as I was just going to go buy a replacement.

We’ve been together a long time, and I have to say I’m very very blessed to have such a practical, loving wife. She gets whatever she wants, when she wants it, and she knows it. So believe me, she’s not at all offended by getting a new “toy” for the kitchen…:slight_smile:

Look around folks. There are some good deals on food processors out there right now. This is a good deal but I wouldn’t say a killer deal by no means. Macy’s has the 11 cup on sale for about the same price (but it’s an older and uglier model)

I’ll think about this deal today and maybe jump on it later…