Cuisinart 9-Cup Food Processor -3 Colors

STOP teasing me with these! I currently have one from approximately 1980 that; while heavy, ugly, and requires a hand on top to function; refuses to die.

I am so very tempted. That purple would look great in my kitchen. But I have an old 7 cup unit that I got in 1992. It works, but is missing parts, is all stained and has a wire hanging out. At least I got one good thing out of that first marriage :slight_smile:

Link to product on Cuisinarts site:

on sale in white once a month at macys week end sale for 99.99

I pulled the trigger. I just know if I pass on this mine will now die. Plus this has all the parts I’m missing :slight_smile:

$119.99 tonight
Compare: %159.99, 26 five star, 1 four star review at Overstock

$229.99, 4.6 stars, 36 reviews at Macy’s

$159, mostly good reviews, video over yonder:

2008 expo:

This is great for making New York-style pizza at home, as Kenji explains in this excellent article/recipe from Slice.

I got my KitchenAid 9-cup FP as a refurb from Best Buy 2 Christmases ago; it takes the same blades/discs as their 12-cup model, and it comes with a 4-cup mini work bowl (so I was able to get rid of my old Hamilton Beach mini-chopper). Here’s a link to the KA on Amazon (mine was even cheaper, of course):
Cuisenart is certainly of excellent quality, but I think my KitchenAid FP is more versatile.

Hi, everyone. What exactly is a “shatter resistant” work bowl. Is it plastic? Heavy glass? Love to hear from an owner…


Considering the 11-cup version of this is often on sale at Macy’s (2+ times/month) for $100, this simply isn’t a good deal. Not even close, actually.

Regardless, fantastic food processor and a real workhorse.

It’s very, very heavy plastic. I’ve had mine for 7 or 8 years, and it’s still going strong. Very, veyr high quality.

Same here. Are the newer models as sturdy? That would buck the trend of modern manufacturing.


i still havent got the right color from the last woot of this. No response from support either.

I belive its plastic with a nylon blend in its liquid form. so its plastic that has a flexibility to it.

doesn’t seem to be such a hot deal at all. The old style is being discontinued, and for $99 is a better machine…Amazon will deliver free. Unless you want the style of the new model…

$159 at the Cuisinart Web Store: Cuisinart's Kitchen Appliances for Professional and Home Chefs -