Cuisinart Advantage Color Collection

Cuisinart Advantage Color Collection

Could cut open all the bags of crap with these!

Or to cut up through the crap.


Finally something for that guy in the last topic that said all colors matter.

I just want to be able to see the deals. They are half gone by the time it updates for me.

Yeah, limited quantities. The app loads deals faster as it’s on our new data feed. We haven’t moved desktop over to that feed yet. Soon though.

I’m on the app…it still is stuck on the knives.

So, for BOC’s, has anyone ever actually been moved out of VOP and into purchase now? Or, just forgeddabouddditttttt? And OIC, so Krystin gets TONS of monkeys…IC how it is. Foot stomped

VOP is by design. A very small number of orders go through directly. All others go to the queue (VOP) which spits the orders out at a pace that the servers can handle.

That said, a crap ton of people are trying for crap. Way more than what we have to sell.

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People trying (red) vs orders going through (blue)