Cuisinart Air Fryer Toaster Oven

Cuisinart Air Fryer Toaster Oven

want I found an instruction manual on Amazon for model TOA-60.
** Is that the correct model number?**

The manual doesn’t state what voltage(s) the oven tolerates.
** Will it work on a 200V circuit?**

the comments on the woot page are the ones coming from the TOA-60 on Amazon. Not sure why it’s not identified on the specs page.

I have this unit and its a steal at this price.

You will be able to buy this new at this price soon.

Please tell us all how you know this will be available new AND at the same price, oh clairvoyant one… Seriously, I like this unit, but I will hold out for a new one if you can “spill the beans”. Thanks

Maybe the refurb is a better choice: lots of reviews from the past few weeks complaining about how bad the temp control is.

I’m on the fence; would love to get it, but not if it doesn’t work as it’s supposed to.

The model number is TOA-60FR. Specs have been updated. thanks!

Hi all. We got more inventory so buy away. They’re going fast though.

I think buckminster is commenting at how fast the price on this is falling on various deal sites.

I just got a refurb one from Ebay (probably form the same batch of refurbs, I’d imagine) Like people say, the thing runs hot, but you adjust quickly. It works great so far. I couldn’t be happier. Heats up much more quickly than my old toaster-oven (Which was about half the size)

It took the place of two appliances for me, and does a better job than either of them did, taking up about the same footprint as each.