Cuisinart Automatic Bread Maker

I really like making bread the “old fashioned” way, but I would consider using this if I didn’t have to use those ready-made auto bread maker flour/yeast concoctions… can I use traditional flour and yeast mixtures?..

These are great If you are selling your house, to permeate the smell of fresh baked bread.

This is a really great price too, I spent twice this on my bread maker and I am half as pleased. Sometimes it’s easier to let this thing do the dirty work and bake the properly prepped dough in a real oven.

Can I team this up with the Cuisinart Ice Cream Maker I bought here last month to make ice cream sandwiches?

4 stars out of 5 on Amazon. My sister-in-law has one of these and is happy with it. I’ve eaten bread from it and it was yummy!
And yes, you can use traditional yeast and flour, but the proportions will be somewhat different from hand made.

What about flatbread, or tortillas, or chapati, or naan, or paratha, or baguette, or pane toscano? Can I make those types of bread in this contraption?

I have one of these. It is great! It comes with a book of several dozen bread recipes. No ready-made packets required.

Are you for real?

I have the older model of this and it works great. I have never actually used it for making bread, but I use it for making dough a lot. I usually make dough for dinner rolls and cinnamon rolls and the dough is always great.
Also you do need to use bread machine ingredients. If you don’t, the dough will not rise properly and it will not taste right.

Yep, most or all of them, but you will need to check the dough cycle in the manual. If it involves mixing flour and water, a good bread machine can do most doughs, saving you the heavy lifting. Just take the dough out and roll it and bake it however needed in whatever oven you are using. I use my Williams-Sonoma machine (I think an OEM from Cusinart or Seiko) a couple times a week… it makes great pizza dough, better than average wheat, and can make cinnamon rolls, rye, a really good white egg bread, etc.

Get the Men’s Guide to Bread Machine Baking… the best all around book I have found for most breads and doughs. They even have pretzel recipes.

Great gift for a college student … instant dorm popularity.

Here’s the manual

Haven’t found the recipe book yet.

Look on the main page. It’s linked there. :tongue:

And reviews from Amazon

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Manufacturer web site review

How bread makers work

That was really a cute comment, thanks for this :slight_smile:

I’ve yet to see a bread machine that had to use prepackaged ingredients. There are many sites that offer recipes and tips for making bread (and other types of dough) from scratch in a bread maker. The adjustments aren’t difficult either.

As someone else said, the big advantage is having a machine to do the “heavy lifting.” Many love that it also mixes/kneads/rises/bakes (almost) at the push of a button. And some love both the above and the ability to buy prepackaged mixes - the materials accompanying these machines usually cater to the last.

will this be able too make sand which style bread like the “white wonder bread” in the grocery store…or will always come out hard crusted and dark inside? I want it soft/crunchy crust and soft inside my fav type of bread :slight_smile:

I have been using this exact model for over a year now and LOVE it! It works great with regular bread and also with the gluten free stuff we make for some of the kids.

The loaf pan is actually horizontal so it makes normal shaped loaves instead of the weird square ones that most machines crank out.

One note: We keep ours in the basement because it beeps. REALLY BEEPS. Loud, long and all throughout the cycle. I think there are 4 times in a 3 hours cycle when it starts beeping. I don’t remember the codes, but it beeps loudly 16(!) times when it’s done. 16! Anyway, we moved it to be basement because it was waking the kids early in the morning when it started mixing.

But, it’s so worth it when you wake to the smell of fresh baked bread.

If you don’t mind the beeps, it delivers the goods. I paid 2x this much and would again.

I was already to buy this sucker, but did some looking around. It seems the next model up (CBK-200) is available for the same price from Newegg. Hmmm… Other than some cosmetic differences, it appears the main difference is the CBK-200 has 16 modes where the CBK-100 has 12.