Cuisinart Black Chrome 21-Ounce Mini-Prep Processor Woot Info Post
i am

Cuisinart Black Chrome 21-Ounce Mini-Prep Processor [Refurbished] - $12.99 + $5 shipping shipping

1 * Cuisinart DLC-1BCHFR Black Chrome 21oz. Mini-Prep Processor

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LOL, Cuisinart.

This woot-off just wont end.

wow ow wo wo wo wo wowowow


ahhh shit

make me a damn sammich


Ick… I don’t want something that touches my food to be refurbished. I would just always imagine that the most disgusting people ever had it before me.

Let the whining regarding the lack of the Bag O Cthulu commence!

PERFECT for making small batches of salsa!

this suck…

one daiquiri comin up

The camptown ladies sing this song… “Doodaa… Doodaa”

Description made me lol.

If only I didn’t have a food-chopper thingy already.

Better buy 3, in case the first two break!

Is this Mac compatible?

i want a bag of crapppp

Oh just great! Another reffrub’ed SqueezN’Fart.

mixed reviews over at amazon…