Cuisinart Brew Central 12-Cup Coffee Maker

Checking out reviews. Might get one for the woman who loves coffee

I love my Cuisinart Coffee Maker. I’m getting this one for me and giving my old Cuisinart to my office - good coffee everywhere!

If it has a glass carafe, it has a coffee warmer that keeps warm up to 4 hours by timer.
If it has a carafe like this one, it keeps coffee thermally warm but no timer.

We find we have to nuke in microwave if coffee has sat for awhile.

It seemed to with the kids woot. I think this Woot off has been moving pretty fast though.

I saw this coffee maker and thought, ‘oh, no, 2 hours’ but it is actually more than 3/4 done. I can say for certain I wouldn’t buy this if you paid me too though. I got the 4 cup brushed stainless steal pot and the coffee tasted awful, the lip of the pot was so poorly designed it was impossible to pour without spilling. I finally gave it away. I will never buy another cuisinart coffee maker. I went back to my old, old mr coffee.

I just have to say, that write up was spot on. Well done.

We got this coffee maker as a gift as a result of the last Woot-Off, and it is amazing! Best coffee maker we’ve ever owned, hands down.

Sears has these every other week at 39.00 under their name made for them by cuisenart, they did have a recall on them about a year ago

It uses cone shaped filters. I bought one. It’s a nice coffee pot. Pours slow though. Keeps it hot for quite awhile though. I love mine. Hope you do too. It comes with a couple filters to get you started and there’s a little capsule looking thing that does some kind of filtering too. Hope that helps. Regards