Cuisinart Brew Central 12-Cup Coffee Maker

what happen to the shirts for an hour…I smell trickery!

well, that was fast.

quick hour.



that was a fast shirt detour lol

What the POT?

I don’t do coffee…sorry.

Woo! We can say CRAP now!

So is the save three dollars off the shirts over?

Nice trick Woot!

refurbished coffee maker? i’ll pass…

Hey, bring back the shirts! I was actually going to buy one this time.

HA HA! Sucks to be everyone that left for lunch!

Lol shirts be gone.

Just what everyone needs , a “refurb” coffeepot


WHAT happan to tha shirt wwwooowoowttss???

I clicked it, it brought me to the list, I picked out my shirt and got no discount.


WTH, woot?

Hey, wait, I wanted the chuck norris shirt I saw for like 2.198798 seconds.

Woot wants us to stay up late for the bag of crap!