Cuisinart Brushed Chrome Classic 4 Slice Toaster


Welcome to the Cuisinart Brushed Chrome Classic 4 Slice Toaster topic page for Wednesday, April 6th. Please post your questions, experiences, or pricing comments here.


More tech stuff please! Today’s Woot is great too though! Keep it up WOOT!!

Best I saw on Froogle was $59. WOOT RULES!!! … Great Deals, Coupon Codes and Freebies




Toast is done!



Not exactly Tech… but nice deal :slight_smile:


Froogled this item, cheapest was 54.99 + 13.95 s/h = $68.94
If you want your buns toasted for cheap, woot! is the place.


no need for 1


feel hungry again :lol:


little late for an april fools joke eh??

give me a hot tub woot… or a boat

check out (learn how me and hundreds of wooters make money online)


Toasted WOOT, think I’ll pass see y’all tomorrow


A Toster? Come on where is the BOC?



Toast? Let’s get techy again, but uhh… no keyboards, k?


I don’t need a $40 toaster. And yet, I am strangley attracted to it. Must not buy…



BOC - Please


We should just Toast this woot. Im going to ZZZ

Anymore KeyBoards or Speakers preferablly Mystery Brand 5.1 :smiley:

First Page :lol:


You can’t toast biskits? Aww! W00t! 1st page.


Toast??? Where are the speakers?? Or at least a Bag o’ Crap!!! More RAM in the Toasters damn it!!

:shock: :shock: :shock:


toast is good. cool toaster too, looks retro and modern at the same time. odd for woot, but lowest froogle i see is $68.96, and they have cheaper 2-slice ones. so we can woot once again someday


Lots of refurbs from Cusinart… makes you wonder about their quality…


Gee this is one fancy toaster it’s all nice and shiny and stuff, I could shave using this as a mirror.

Need a driver for that network card
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