Cuisinart Brushed Stainless Power Blender – CBT500FR


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[color=green:1293651dc5]C’mon lets get some $25 Logitech Z-3 speakers. I only ordered 1 pair when amazon had them at this price.[/color]


Cuisinart Brushed Stainless Power Blender – CBT500
Oh, yeah. You blend.
$39.99 + $5 Shipping and Handling
Yes, you’ve seen this item here before. You know what they say: what goes around and around and around comes around.

Maybe some people have time to waste a-manducatin’ and a-masticatin’, but not us. We’ve got places to go (online) and people to see (online)! For us, the whirring blades of the Cuisinart sound the shrill whine of progress. Listen to a better way—listen to the sound of our next meal being pulverized.

This tough little critter handles the most labor-intensive blending tasks with ease, and its top-of-the-line heavy cast metal and stainless construction give it the Modern look that all the hep cats and kittens are so crazy for.

But hey, if you want to risk wrist fatigue dicing onions with a knife like some kind of Bronze Age stooge, be our guest. But when we get the drop on you in Castle Wolfenstein, you’ll know why. We used the Cuisinart. We saved wear and tear on our fragging hand, and we mixed up an awesome pork chop and grilled cheese smoothie for the protein we need to keep on keeping on.


* Cuisinart Factory Refurbished
* Limited 90 day Warranty
* Heavy Cast Metal and Stainless Steel Housing
* Powerful 600-Watt Motor
* Not to be used in torturing Chunk
* 5-Minute Count Up Timer helps you keep track of recipe time for perfect results
* Push Button Controls with Indicator Lights
* Never chew again!
* Ice Crush Button
* Double and triple your recipes in the big ol’ 50-ounce (1.5- liter) glass blender jar
* Stainless Steel Cutting Assembly
* Instruction/Recipe Book included


Hmm. cheapest I found it was ~$50 froogle, n all. Same with eBay. Great deal, hopefully it ins’t recertified so badly that the blade comes off while it is spinning and creates a pool of blood.

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These were in some BOC for a buck

Hey Wally!!!


woooooooot! maybe this can replace my 70’s Oyster…


This Sucks…for ML and JM…


hmmm blenders


Beginning to unfortunately see a pattern of products appearing on Woot. Disappointing at best.


first page woot don’t need a blender but maybe some logtech or dell speakers though




Blend, shake and stir. Pass the Jose!!!


well this woot is kinda cool

too bad i don’t need it :frowning:

good for a party lol


nice woot, wish i needed a blender,

(Long time lurker, first time poster, first time poster on first pager! :))


Crushed ice + (1) Weasel + Rum + Blender = Weasel Daquris


not tonight either :?



Nice blender, nice price… Definitely a milkshake thing!!! :lol:

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mmmmmmmmmm…imagine the daquiris (but i was thinking squirrel, not weasel)


Carlos! First day here and it’s a blender for cripes sakes. Hoping for a BOC.


ugh. not again. I’m going to bed w/o spending a dime. Gimme something I can resell pls woot.

<edit> I’m not gonna say what page I’m on either… 8) GC