Cuisinart Cabinet Organizers

Cuisinart Cabinet Organizers

I got the 17" organizer and It’s helpful. Speaking from experience it sells out first so get it while it’s hot


Am I missing something? I don’t think these are “under” cabinet organizer, they look like “in” cabinet organizers. I know I’m nitpicking but I was truly confused… :rofl:


I went to the Cuisinart site, where they have usage photos. They are indeed in-cabinet organizers.


Thanks for the mini-review. Snagged one of the 17" ones for a little project. Going to try to “under” it rather than “in” it as alluded to in the other comments. Got a stainless steel prep table that could really use a drawer. Should be fun.

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For anyone who has one of these, I need a little clarification.

Not quite understanding the dimension vs. minimum opening requirements. For example the 11" one, shows that it is 10.7 wide (and that appears to include the glides), yet it says requires a 12" or wider opening.

If the entire organizer is only 10.7, the wire tray must be narrower, why is a 12" opening needed?


Not sure if it adds the clarity you’re asking for, but if you follow the link to the “installation guide”, you may see it. So, the tray isn’t the only thing that’s sliding out when it’s extended – the guides, or the half of them that is attached to the tray, come out with it.

There’s are for under cabinets, as opposed to over counter cabinets. The uppers are only 12" deep, unders are usually 24" deep so you will notice they are all to deep for upper cabinets and must be for under counter cabinets.


Thank you for the feedback. I’ll see if we can remove the word “Under”.

They got like ten pics posted but not a single one of one of them installed. Doesn’t make a lot of sense.

do these extend fully? I purchased the Lynx ones prior and they only extend out about 70%

Got all excited and went to measure my cabinets. Then I realize the openings are not flush the bottom (about an inch higher). I’m guessing from the pictures these would not work for me.

Buy some 1x3 furring strips from your local hardware store, cut them down to length, and screw those down to the cabinet to raise up the mounting area. The tracks on these will then screw into the furring strip instead.

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I would not use these with cabinets that have a 1 inch lip unless you are certain that you will not place anything on them that is even reasonably tall. You will lose the 1 inch via the furring strips recommended above PLUS another inch or so from the sliding shelf itself.
Having said that, I own 3 of these plus one of the expandable ones offered on another sale, and these are very solid, the others not as much so. If these fit, buy them. Great product.