Cuisinart Cast Iron 5.5Qt Grey

Posted this message on the event page for the red pot & fryer, but they sold out, so moving it here in hopes of a response…

The gray and dark blue color options for Cuisinart porcelain enamel cast iron pots are new to me - previously, the offerings were always this red or a lighter blue.

We’ve owned various sizes of the red and lighter blue pots and used them frequently. While we love the look and heavy weight cast iron, the porcelain enamel on every one of our Cuisinart pots has chipped easily, and the underlying cast iron then rusts and stains the area around it. We attributed this vulnerability - easy to chip - to the relatively cheap price for these pots (similarly sized Le Crueset pots cost at least $100 more). Does anyone know whether the new darker blue or gray pots have porcelain enamel that is less prone to chipping?

So…Woot, we need to talk.

You have list price as $180.00. Cuisinart’s own website lists this 5.5 in any color as $99.95.

While this is cheaper price (and the same price as an earlier woot-off), it is not the same percentage off. Some sites have been pinged for misleading sales data, and since we’ve been friends since the beginning, I thought I’d come and tell you myself.

Our List prices are supplied by the vendor. Not sure why Cuisinart has the lower price although they don’t carry the gray that I can see. I’ll send it to the home team.