Cuisinart Ceramic Crock

Come on, Woot, really?!?!? A food container with no capacity (or dimensions of any kind) listed?

Well, in case anyone else was interested whether this crock holds 2 oz or 2 gallons, the answer is… somewhere in between… probably.

A little digging reveals the dimensions as 6.5" high and 5.5" wide. Those are probably outside dimensions, so going on the premise that the inside dimensions might be about 6" high and 5" wide, a little calculator work seem to say it’s pretty close to 64oz (US) = 1/2 gallon (US).

Hey, hey, there…

It’s a crock if you think this is a food storage system. If so, it would have included a lid or top. This is used for kitchen countertop storage to slip utensils into (large stirring spoons, spatulas, tongs, etc.).

Sorry you had to go through all the measurement and volume calculation trouble. What a waste when you could have been baking or storing food…