Cuisinart Chef's Classic 5.75 Qt. Dutch Oven

I just received one of these Cuisinart “Dutch Ovens” (really more like a stock-pot, but whatever) in my Woot order of this past week. I used it for the first time yesterday evening to cook some tortellini pasta.

It seemed to do a good job boiling water. My stove-top is a Jenn-Air with the solid iron burners, so flatness on the bottom of pots and pans is important. This pot was flat when I tested it out of the box, during cooking and now that it’s washed and dried.

The bottom is not exactly a fully-encapsulated tri-ply like on some other pots/pans, but has the multi-layered base fused to the bottom of the pan (as can be seen in the picture magnified). It shouldn’t be a problem, and I’ve never had an issue with this style of heat distributing base, but if you’re looking for a fully-clad base like All-Clad or even some series of Cuisinart kitchenware, this isn’t quite that.

Still, this is a nice pot for the price, and I’d recommend it.