Cuisinart Chicken Fryer, Grey, 12"

Cuisinart Chicken Fryer, Grey, 12"

Warning Buyer Beware:
My cast iron skillet was defective. I can see rust under the teflon coating of the skillet. I noticed the rust under the teflon coating, after cleaning the skillet right away, after my first time using it. I did not use the lid. But after noticing the skillet was rusted I went and checked the lid and I can see rust under the Teflon coating on the lid. This is the second problem I have had with this brand of cast iron skillet.

Hi there. I’m sorry about the rust. Make sure you contact Woot! Customer Service.

From a browser, use the Woot! Customer Service form.

In the Woot! App, choose Account from the bottom navigation and then Support.

Very interesting. I’ve noticed that woot has had this same chicken fryer on sale multiple times the past couple of months. Just in different colors. Perhaps the manufacturer knows about a production defect and gave woot a scorching deal to offload them.

Woot are you knowingly selling defective products as new?

Why is this particular style of cast iron so deeply discounted?


This is most likely the related Amazon page.

While gray/grey does not have a list price, the Matte Grey, however, DOES.

That particular color shows a list price of $129.99

Either Woot’s listed MSRP is higher than what it should be (we both know that that has happened in the past), or Grey DOES have an MSRP which is almost double that of a different color.

I know that some companies DO charge for a product more depending on the color, but I have yet to see one charge almost double the price of another color.

(Excluding items on sale.)

The chicken fryers are direct from Cuisinart and no, we don’t knowingly sell defective products. This is the FIRST time I’ve heard of rust on one of these so I believe you’re overreacting quite a bit.

If ever you have a problem with a product, contact Woot customer support.

@Froodyfrog I’ll ask about the list price.

@Froodyfrog :+1:

@ThunderThighs. The FIRST time You have heard of rust on one of these so I believe you’re overreacting quite a bit… Well have you took the effort to read reviews on Amazon about them. Or maybe bought one or two yourself to see or maybe looked at a return of one. I also have lodge cast iron skillet that don’t rust and are not painted or any coating on them. Being that you are in the woot employee I believe you’re overreacting quite a bit… too.