Cuisinart Chrome Duet Blender/Food Processor



yo dawg, i heard you like to blend while you blend


Homemade baby food or margaritas? It’s a toss up.


of all the times to have a musical write up woot.

i knew as soon as i heard the beautiful harmonies of the blender and food precessor blades i knew that there would be no better music to come out of my kitchen.


Some reviews:


Oh wait this is for both! Yay


My mom has had this blender for a few years- aside from some difficulties getting the lid on tight enough while I was pureeing some lava hot corn chowder, I’d never had any troubles with it. I have my own place now, so I’m seriously considering picking it up.


not quite big enough, come on with a 10 cup version!


A word of warning on Cuisinart refurbs, based on personal experience.

If you get a dud, you’ll have to pay to send it in for repair, and pay to have them send it back. My espresso maker cost me another $25, just to get a working one. I pressed as hard as I could for a concession of some sort from the Cuisinart rep, but nada. Pay, or throw it away.