Cuisinart Classic Rotating Block Set (15-Piece)

Cuisinart Classic Rotating Block Set (15-Piece)

“Nitrogen-infused” means they have substituted Nitrogen for some of the Chromium that goes into stainless steels. Chromium is the main element that prevents rust in stainless steels. Less chromium = higher chance of rust. Don’t be surprised if your acidic foods stain these knives if they are left in the sink for too long. These will rust if left in salty water.
Higher quality knives will be made with 300 series stainless steel. These are 200 series stainless steel.
I guess they could be good throw-away knives if you need your knives to take a beating.

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Seems like a good deal on an everyday set or June wedding gift for $49.99.

I like the wire rack on the back for a tablet or book. Interesting feature.

Made in China, pass

Ha ha, show me where the $50 starter MADE IN MERICA knife sets are.


Awww they sold out before I could ask if blood would stain these.


Darn good thing. I had almost talked myself into buying them “just in case”


I’ve got two closets full of “just in case”

I need a bunch of my people to start having birthdays and getting married. STAT.