Cuisinart Convection Bread Maker

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Cuisinart Convection Bread Maker
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5/5 eggs over at Newegg

Check out the product page

The reviews on Williams Sonoma are not so good, guess I’ll pass on this one.

This is a good machine. Had mine for approx 7 yrs. this model has a beep before the rise cycle so you can take out the kneading blade. Very very helpful.

Got one of these last time around, although not sure if it is the exact model. I love mine and have had much better loaves than I used to get with another machine from a different brand. The key to good bread is to use good ingredients, like King Arthur bread flours and fresh yeast. I mainly do white/whole grain mixes, and the machine works great.

The biggest minor drawback, to me, is the beeping, which you cannot turn off. The machine has a long series of 5 beeps to add stuff to your bread, like fruit or nuts, then beeps again with 6 beeps if you want to remove the paddle after the final knead. If you used this at night, I think you’d hate that part since there is no option to stop the beeps. Since I make bread during the day, I don’t care, love this machine and use it 1-2 times a week…

That was a slightly different model, which I bought too.

The beeping drives my wife nuts, and it is too bad that it can’t be adjusted in any way (it’s way too loud and long for my needs.)

It is great, though, that it allows you to take the paddle out, and thus have a much smaller hole in the bread!

My prior experiences with Cuisinart refurbished items has been extremely disappointing. The breadmaker i got was clearly not functioning properly, but because i received it as a gift a month after it was purchased, it was supposedly out of warranty, even though the defect was clearly what had caused it to be returned and supposedly refurbished in the first place. No quality control.

For the price this is a good breadmaker, superior to most others that I’ve tried at that price point. Zojirushi’s bread maker is the best of the best though.

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I have this one - bought through woot last time and I LOVE it. I make the french bread every week or less and the italian bread, same. The french bread, sliced and toasted is very much like english muffins and cheese toast with this bread is wonderful. I grease the pan with lard (yeah, lard) after I take the mixing paddle out (6 beeps) and the bread pops right out.

HIGHLY recommend this!!! You just add all the ingredients (use King Arthur bread flour) and 4 hours later, fresh baked bread.

Where is that touchless garbage can? I saw it the other day, but missed ordering. Woot, please bring it back!

Howdy. That was our daily sale so it’s no longer available. Keep checking back as it may return.

Gotta say I agree with this poster. The last bread maker I purchased I eagerly awaited. Opened the box to make first loaf and BOOM ERROR MESSAGE.

These have ZERO quality control on them. Do NOT trust them. Oh, and if you call Cuisinart the WILL require a credit card and for YOU to pay shipping. Thereby defeating your reason for buying this refurbed and now you get to wait another week to three for a working bread maker.

Its better to just buy new on Amazon who will take care of things for you.

No savings once you are done returning it and you’re on a refurb warranty instead of new. These things have ZERO quality control on the refurb process. Others have also commented they got ones with the error message. I thought it wouldn’t happen to me but it did.

Does the Cuisinart warranty even come in to play here? It looks to me like the warranty is through woot for 90 days and not with Cuisinart.

Thanks. That’s all I needed to know.