Cuisinart Cookie Press - Yellow



It had to be yellow…


Hate your refurb crap. Tired of garbage. Received multiple brokend items from your site. Thanks for stealing my money. #publicityForYourDailyGarbage

Long term wooter, over 3 years, srsly you’ve become trash.


Hmmmm… unless I’m missing something it doesn’t seem like a great deal.

$0.04 cheaper on Amazon (after shipping) and eligible for Prime shipping.

Less than stellar reviews as well.


But this item is new…Seems like an odd time to rant about refurbs.


Always think I want one of these, but the idea of cleaning the darn thing always makes me hesitate



As a single lady who lives alone, I find that this is much more fun and pleasurable than just using my hand. At first, it was a bit large, and even hurt to use, but I soon got used to it. It vibrates and pulsates, as it pumps. The results speak for themselves, and I get rave reviews during the holidays.


Thank you, so very much for this.


My wife registered for one of these for our wedding because she had planned on making Christmas cookies. Five years later it remains in the box, so cleaning has never been a problem.


Possibly the most quality post ever.


Are brokends something like bookends? 'Cause I’ve been looking for some of those.

And really…after 50+ Woot! purchases over almost four years, now you’re complaining about refurb crap? Seems like you should have been scared off a long time ago.

Ever tried contacting Woot about a bad item? They’ve always fixed my bad purchases (of which there have only been a few out of 100+).