Cuisinart CPO-600 Outdoor Pizza Oven

Is anyone besides me thinking that you never cook anything evenly when the oven door is partly open? Has anyone used one of these? Seems to me to be a pretty expensive single-function device that, unless you eat pizza a LOT, would become a pain to find a storage space for.

Creative? Sure. Attractive? Pass.

What’s the inside dimensions? I want to know how big of a pizza I can cook.

The pizza stone is 13", so I would guess that is as large as you could go. The other model for sale has a stone that is 13.25" by 20", so you could make a larger rectangular shaped za on that one…

It has 4.1 stars on [Amazon](Cuisinart CPO-600).

Camel shows Amazon has sold it new for as low as $113.00 with free shipping.

it seems you really only need to buy a pizza stone and use it on your normal grill? The stone is what is doing all of the work.

Orrrr just make pizza right on your grill. You could throw it right on the grates or buy a sheet of baking steel (better than pizza stone, more durable). Better temp control and multi-use.

Somewhere in an Atlanta suburb or at the Food Network studios Alton Brown cries a little tear every time someone spends 150 bucks on this unitasker.

Unless you live on a hacienda or you’re going to make home made pizzas on your camping trip, I can’t imagine that your kitchen oven is more than 50 feet from where you’d be placing this. There is a reason why the thing that Italian restaurants use is called a pizza oven and not a pizza grill. As others have suggested just buy a pizza stone and if you are dying to cook one a pizza outside put the stone on your grill.