Cuisinart Duet Blender/Food Processor – White

Mine just died; the plastic gear wore out. Had it for nearly two years and I purchased it here.

I say it’s a great value as it crushed ice making protein shakes ~4 days a week for almost two years. You’d be hard pressed to get that kind of service out of many of the $100 blenders out there. Biggest draw back: it’s rather loud; otherwise great blender for $30.

Mine was a wedding gift, but we registered for it. It can be loud, but it doesn’t seem too bad and it works so fast that I never have to run it for more than a few seconds for most sauces I make.

Yea, but can it down a foot long corny dog like a politican can?

Reviews on Amazon say the thing breaks a lot.

It’s the hard rubber. My last (now broken)blender had them and I broke it trying to make a smoothie with too much ice & frozen strawberries :confused:

Purchased this previously and after trying to spin it up for the first time the plastic holder where the external part of the blade sits in the cub of the motor ground and melted to the base, causing the motor to then burn out. Poor design flaw, and the only wasted woot I’ve had yet :frowning:

After tossing several blenders trying to crush ice, if it’s worked that well for you, it’s worth $30 to try.

3 cups = 24 ounces
40 ounces = 5 cups

Lots of 1-star reviews on Amazon. Yikes!

Wow, this thing has dropped in price since it first appeared on Woot. $49, $39 and now $29. That’s an amazing price for a Cuisinart. What’s more, it has a GLASS jar, which is unusual these days, especially in a sub-$100 blender. Most are made of plastic. Unfortunately, the reviews are only so-so, which is suprising for a Cuisinart. Still, you can’t lose at $29 since most quality blenders and food processor cost more than that alone, and here you’re getting a 2-in-1 appliance.

We use ice in ours a few times a month, but not as often as some have mentioned. Not a problem yet.

I saw a Cuisinart Fridge made by General Motors from 1932 on “Pawn Stars” tonight. Does this have an icebox, too?

a little disappointing to me that the past 2 woot-offs have been kind of boring with good deals for things that are big purchase items =[ give us some unique and cool lower priced items, not knives and earbuds

sorry if I sound whiny, my hope is just running low and I feel like I’ll have wasted my time following the whole woot-off from the start to get frozen on the B0C order screen (if there is one)

I’ve had this model for several years. Works great and the glass jar on the blender is heavy and durable. Buy it!

Paid over 50 at costco for the black one, love it. Cleans well, has plenty of power, and the food processor is quite handy.

IF YOU NEED A BLENDER, it’s a great buy.

Excellent…thanks for catching it…I was too busy figuring how to post a working links…cheers! My bad.

Not many good reviews at Amazon. Glad I checked before mashing the Buy button.

Have one. A little noisy but does a nice job both blending and processing.

Description says 350 watts, manual photo shows 500 watts.


Cool story, bro.