Cuisinart Food Processor, Gunmetal

Cuisinart Food Processor, Gunmetal

Either this is the wrong food processor, or this is the wrong description.

This description matches Cuisinart’s description of the “SFP-13 Food Processor”.

As an example see it at in their listing.

I would be very surprised if this 11-cup processor actually came with both a 13 cup and 4 cup bowls, and the spiralizer attachment says it fits “Cuisinart model # FP-13DSV and model # FP-13DGM”

I believe the correct description can be found here: at, and it is only a few $$ more but is also a refurb.

Maybe @ThunderThighs can help straighten this out?


Thank you. The photo & features are correct. In the box is indeed for another item. I’ve emailed the team.

Wait…so does that mean the “in the box” description is inaccurate? I purchased this item based on this description.

Fortunately once it arrives Woot is very liberal on their return policy. I am sure they will have no problem sending you a return shipping label and a refund.