Cuisinart Gadgets & Cutlery

The color knife set is a few bucks cheaper at BrandsMart USA right now. Total price including shipping might be higher or lower depending on your zip code.

Is the Cuisinart graphix knife set a 13 or 15 piece set? The description says both 13 and 15. The picture shows a 15 piece.

Checking. Pls hold.

Also, do you know if they are forged or stamped, and if the blade runs the length of the grip?

Yes the pictures shows 6 steak knives not 4…Would like to know before purchasing. Thanks!

We’re fixing the Graphix sale. It is a 13-piece set. If you already purchased, you’ll get an email from CS in the next day or two.

Sorry for the problem.

I was just looking at the mandoline, on Amazon that model mentions it comes with the cut-resistant glove in the box. Does this one contain the glove or just the mandoline, food holder and blades?

Cuisinart site shows that it comes with the glove so I’m pretty sure it does. But, I’m double checking just in case.

The garlic press is a piece of garbage. The top handle broke off on the first use. (edit: forgot to mention that it happened today, right after this garbage arrived in the mail) Judging by the cross-cut of the break, the handles are made from some powdered metal alloy and have not been strengthened/forged properly.

Just another piece of substandard garbage outsourced to a Chinese factory with no quality control department. A waste of labor, of raw material and of my money, this masterpiece is otherwise known as a POS. Buy at your own risk.