Cuisinart Griddler w/Waffle Plates

This is my one go to kitchen appliance. Paneinies are the best!

Is it 110V or 110-220V?

Pictures do not show waffle plates. Is this a cruel joke?

If this indeed did include the waffle plates, buyers got a helluva deal. I like my Griddler, altho’ sometimes I wish it got a tad hotter.

I bought this several years ago (new, from Kohl’s). I contacted Cuisinart soon after, and was told they did not have waffle plates for purchase. However, a couple months later Chef’s Catalog website offered them for about $40 (vs. normal $90!), so I snapped up a set. That website has since disappeared, so I dunno who sells waffle plates if your Griddler didn’t originally offer them.

The have the waffle plates for $25 free shipping on Amazon now.