Cuisinart HB-800PCFR Hand Blender

Cuisinart HB-800PCFR Hand Blender


Yup. They hid it well. Here’s a screen grab from the one on Amazon.

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This has a “safety button” that needs to be re-engaged after every stop – if you let go, you need to hold in the safety button again, which is basically a two-handed operation. Pulsing is a no-go with this configuration. Just something to keep in mind.


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The trouble with that “safety button” seems to be overstated. The LOCK button and the ON button are next to each other. Arthritics might be challenged, but if you can press the LOCK button with your forefinger and the ON button with your middle finger, then it’s a one-handed operation, and pulsing is easy. Plus this gadget is a steal at this price.

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