Cuisinart Imitates Cuisinlife

With the toaster over, does anyone know if the crumb tray type thing at the bottom is removable or fixed? Hoping for removable…

Why are all of these items second hand? Aren’t there any new items up for grabs?

I have the coffee grinder, and I do not recommend it. It simply doesn’t circulate the coffee around the bowl enough. You will find tons of fine coffee at the bottom and some large chunks, sometimes half a bean at the top.

I run it for 5 seconds, stir it with an espresso brush, then run it for another 5 seconds, stir, repeat until the coffee is the proper consistency.

Also, if you are only putting in enough for a couple of cups, it won’t grind them at all, just move them around.

I’ve had cheaper grinders that did a much better job. I would give this one a pass and get the $10 at Walmart. It will be much better. I am very disappointed at Cusinart.

Oh, and I purchased mine new.

So is the Cuisinart “Cuisinart CBT-500BWFR PowerEdge” blender 600 or 1000 watt? the title says it is 1000 watt but in the specs it says 600 watt. And I cannot find this model on amazon either…

Merry Christmas to me! My ex-husband threw my pizzelle maker in the incerator, and now I will have another!

I had this in white and the crumb tray is removable. BUT only from the rear…so it rarely got cleaned. Otherwise it’s a really good toaster oven with excellent temperature control and convection for even heating. I just recently upgraded to the large Breville mostly for the size as they cook very similarly.

Like many other companies striving to reach a price-point for the shrinking income of the middle class, this company has turned to it’s “B” line or licensed products.

These imports can often be found with other names…and small cosmetic changes …in all kinds of price ranges.

People finding out about this often return them. In my case the stuff just died after a short time.

To quote the bard, “What’s in a name?” Today, not much.