Cuisinart Kitchen Stuff

Seemingly a poor deal.

That one doesn’t have lids.

Anyone know what the diameter of the 5 quart Saute pan with lid is?

Look for the Cuisinart Titanium non-stick finish. It works better for eggs than the other finishes.
Also, their stainless exterior is gorgeous and looks better than anodized exteriors after going through the dishwasher.
I also preferred the multi-clad construction for the 3 qt saucepans. for even heat distribution.

Cuisinart DCC-2800FR Perfec Temp® 14-Cup Coffeemaker

I bought this item a few weeks ago. I think mine was a refurb. I have only used it a few times and its great. I know people can go crazy with coffee making, but for what this promises it delivers. I had a cheaper Mr. Coffee machine before this was a nice upgrade. Good design, coffee is HOT and easy to clean.