Cuisinart Kitchen

I’m pretty sure that exact same solid spoon is the same price on

I have the black handle steak knives. Nice heft and on the large side. Non-serrated which we prefer. Hand wash only.
I might have paid a tad less for them, but they are definitely worth $9, especially if you are purchasing other items to take advantage of $5 shipping. A few sets would make a nice gift for a wedding shower or housewarming.

i have the waffle iron. it makes fine waffles, but they are pretty thin (kind of like eggos). i personally prefer thicker belgian-style waffles and regretted the purchase.

i bought one of the refurbed mini food processors last year. still going strong. i’ve used it for salsa, marinades, breadcrumbs, pesto, etc. but mainly use it to make smoothies with frozen fruit.

i like that i don’t have to measure as i know once it starts getting full it will just fit a pint glass.

The puns were making me cuisy.